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Wheelbarrow Tires


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4.00-6" LP Flat Free Tire with Turf Tread

Perfect tire for smaller, light-duty wheelbarrows.

Our price: $38.99

4.00-6" Pneumatic Tire and Tube
4.00-6" Pneumatic Tire and Tube

Our price: $14.99
4.80/4.00-8" Quick-Seal Tube

Flat Free Quick-Seal Tubes - Replacement Inner Tube Prefilled with Flat Free Tire Sealant

Our price: $9.99
4.80 / 4.00 - 8 Flat Free Tire

This wheelbarrow wheel is most common on 6 cubic foot wheelbarrows. It can also be used on garden trailers, roofing equipment, spreaders, etc. It is perfect for contractors or anyone who needs a durable, high load-capacity tire (this tire holds up to 500 lbs). This tire comes in ribbed, knobby, and smooth treads. The tire is about 15.5” in diameter.

Our price: $54.99

4.80 / 4.00 - 8 Air Filled Tire

Perfect tire for wheelbarrows, carts, and other small equipment. This tire is 15.5" in diameter and we offer it in ribbed, smooth, and knobby tread patterns. Multiple hub and axle options are available to accommodate your equipment. This wheelbarrow tire holds 400lbs.

Our price: $31.99

3.50 / 2.50 - 8 Flat Free Tire

This wheelbarrow wheel is perfect for residential users. This tire is often referred to as a 4.00 – 6” and measures 13” in diameter. It is rated to 300 lbs and can work on 4 cubic foot and 6 cubic foot wheelbarrows.

Our price: $38.99

4.00 - 6 Flat Free Tire

The 4.00 - 6" tire is common on 4 and 5 cubic foot wheelbarrows. Our 3.50 / 2.50 - 8" is the equivalent tire to a 4.00-6", so you will receive the 3.50/2.50-8" tire if you order a 4.00-6". Our 3.50 / 2.50 - 8" tire has the same 13" outside diameter, but due to a large rim, is a low profile version of the 4.00 - 6".

Our price: $38.99

4.00-6" Air Filled Tire

Our 4.00-6" 4 ply air filled tire and tube comes mounted on a steel rim with either a 3" or 4" centered hub.

Our price: $28.99

Universal Fit Flat Free Wheelbarrow Tire

Need a wheelbarrow tire, but don't know the size tire and hub length you need? Our Universal Tire is for you.

Our price: $39.99
Universal Fit Air Filled Wheelbarrow Tire

Need a Wheelbarrow Tire, but don't know the size tire and hub length you need?
Our Universal Tire is for you!

Our price: $24.99


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