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Austin at Marathon Industries demonstrates the tire basics so that you can keep your equipment rolling! Whether you need to change a bearing or a tube, get a measurement or install a new tire, Austin walks you through the easiest (and most efficient!) step-by-step procedure so that you can be on your way!

Tire Terminology

What's the difference between a rim and a hub? A tire and a wheel? A bearing and a grease zerk? Tire-Lingo can be confusing and make a seemingly simple task such as replacing a wheelbarrow tire, seem like a burden. In this video, Austin identifies the different parts of a tire so you can speak like a pro and find the exact tire you need.

How To Measure a Tire

Looking for a replacement tire? You've probably been asked questions such as "What's the hub length?", "What bearing size do you need?", "Are you replacing the tire, rim, or both?" What do these things mean?! Austin at Marathon Industries has the answers! In order to replace a tire, you will need to get proper measurements of your old tire. In this video, the Austin identifies the four main tire measurements needed and how to accurately get them. You will need the width of the tire, the diameter of the tire, the hub length, and the bearing size. With these four measurements on hand, you can find the perfect replacement tire for your equipment!

How To Change Tire Bearings

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All bearings eventually wear down overtime and at some point, may need to be replaced. Should you need to replace a bearing or swap one out for a different bearing size, Austin will give you the "How To" so you can change out your tire bearings efficiently.

Please note that Austin uses a screwdriver to remove the bearings because that is a common household tool.  Screwdrivers are not intended as “striking” tools and a steel rod or other strong metal rod may be more effective.  Use a screwdriver at your own risk.



How To Change a Wheelbarrow Tire

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Tired of Flats? Austin shows you how to replace your old wheelbarrow tire with a Marathon Flat Free Wheelbarrow Tire! Follow the steps for easy tire installation.

How To Change a Tube in a Tire

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Changing a tube in a flat tire can be frustrating! Austin shows you the step-by-step process to change a tube in a flat tire. All you need is a screwdriver, a replacement tube, and a lot of patience. Or, if you're done with flat tires and replacement tubes, check out Marathon Flat Free Tires! Made of polyurethane foam, these tires are solid all the way through so you'll never have to replace a tube again!

How To Install a Marathon Universal Fit Wheelbarrow Tire

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Marathon makes it easy to find a replacement wheelbarrow tire with our Universal Flat Free Tire Kit. Included in each Universal set is a spacer and bushing kit which can be used to adapt our tire to your equipment. Austin shows you how simple it really is by installing this Universal Flat Free Tire on his wheelbarrow.


How To Install a Marathon Universal Fit Hand Truck Tire


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Marathon's Universal Fit Flat Free Hand Truck Tire is the perfect replacement tire for any hand truck. The tire comes with a parts kit to help adapt the tire to your equipment. Just follow Austin's installation instructions and enjoy the benefit of no flats! For more information, visit


How To Replace a Tire


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Need to swap out your old air-filled tire with a new one? Austin shows you how!



How To Inflate an Air Filled Tire / Tire Safety 


Have a flat tire? Austin at Marathon demonstrates how to inflate your tire safely and get you rolling again!


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