About Polyurethane Tires

About Polyurethane Tires

   What is a FlatFree Solid Tire Made Of?

  • * Solid Micro-cellular Polyurethane Foam
  • * Trillions of Air Cells
  • * Open and Closed Cells = Performance of Air


Our superior foam is comprised of trillions of air cells. In order to create high quality flatfree solid tires with optimal characteristics, we utilize both open and closed cell technology.


Open cells give our flatfree solid tire the necessary durability by creating a continuous, linked cell structure. Closed cells give our solid tires the great bounce, rebound, and hysteresis. This cell structure allows our flat-free tires to support heavy loads, while delivering the same performance as an air-filled pneumatic tire.


Another benefit of our foam formulation is that it is self-skinning. The internal foam pressure combined with our centrifugal casting process creates a tough outer skin that is 2 times stronger than rubber. This non-marking skin is abrasion and chemical resistant. Marathon FlatFree solid tire technology makes them perfect as wheelbarrow tire and hand truck tire replacements.



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