Foam Filled Vs. Marathon Flat Free Tires

Foam Filled Vs. Marathon Flat Free Tires

Marathon Industries has replaced traditional foam fill tires with a solid polyurethane tire.   Foam filled tires were originally the only alternative to a pneumatic or air filled tire.  They offered stability and prevented flats. 


One of the major disadvantages to a foam filled tire is the weight.  A foam filled rubber tire weighs significantly more than a Marathon flat free tire (as much as 15 pounds heavier on a tire such as the 18 x 8.50-8”)  Foam filling can also typically only be done on a brand new tire and can be not only messy, but costly as well.  Another disadvantage to a foam fill tire is that you lose much of the bounce and rebound of a regular air tire and the rubber is still subjected to ozone and UV rays. 


Marathon’s flat free tires made of solid polyurethane are available in sizes up to 18 x 8.50-8”.  They retain the same bounce, feel, and weight as a regular air tire and are ozone and UV ray resistant.  Best of all, they will never go flat.  Marathon flat-free tires are designed to go on slow moving equipment and are not for highway use nor ATVs, Bobcats, small tractors, or any application where the tire can build up excessive heat.


If you are an OEM or a large consumer of tires, please feel free to call us to discuss applications and OEM pricing.


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